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Forgotten Realms Roleplay

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
3:30 pm

"you just had to play the sympathy card, now didn't you? I'm going to face so many inquires" brook said, as she seemed to step out of the lanter, as if she was getting closer from far away.

She let go all bonds and glowed brightly, releasing lots of magical energy. "Hey little mind flare! are you hungry? Whos an ugly S.O.B.? yes you are!" Brook taunted in a baby voice. The mind flare came over and went to devour her as she suddenly drew her blade with amazing speed, as she had a gallon of water fall ontop of the thing, she then stabbed what remained once.

((I don't know if it killed it, but its been hit))

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9:51 am - Fighting

Okiku rolled, dodging an octupus like creature as it lashed out with it's tentacles, and came up with a slice that the creature dodged easily. It came around again, lashing out with it's long, spindly tentacles again and again, forcing Okiku away from the main fighting and back out into the courtyard. Every time Okiku attacked the creature simply dodged, flowing like water from one place to another.

He lashed out with a bolt of shadow magic and realized too late what it was he was fighting.

"A mind fla...!" He tried to say, but the creature absorbed his magic and lashed out at him with it's own, paralyzing him instantly. He could only watch in horror as it drew closer, the tendrils around it's razor sharp mouth waiting to pull the brain from his skull.

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
3:27 pm

Brook lands inside a lantern, magic protecting her from burns as she watches the fight. Now that the vampire was involved, she could not intervene. Being half an angel, she still had the tendency.

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7:48 am

Okiku noticed Brook over his shoulder and his eyes widened in a sort of odd surprise, but he had no time to respond as a sword cut it's way through the air towards his head. Okiku parried and hopped backwards, surveying the inside of the tavern with disgust.

A group of creatures that Okiku had only seen in nightmares fought their way through the crowd of thieves and rogues, cutting them down left and right. The bartender was impaled with a long spear on the top of the bar, and several other of Okiku's contacts were torn apart, thier body parts scattered around the room. Even the dancing girls had not been exempt from the slaughter, their scantily clad forms smeared with blood.

Okiku dodged the next attack, this time a flurry of claws, and glared evily at the attackers, his body instantly changing. His face became slightly more pronounced, his eyes turning a blood red, and his canines, which had been oddly sharp already grew even longer and sharper.

"They have finally found me, Brook." Okiku said vaguely. "And now I must fight..."

He pounced.

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6:00 am

Brook looked mildly intrested, a scrach that barely compared to what she really felt. She became a small light ball, size of tinkerbell, and flew over to hover by his shoulder. She couldn't see much, but what she could see was a sudden outbrake of fighting. "whats going on?" she wispered in his ear

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
12:24 pm - A Scream

The scream echoed through the night, cutting off Brook and Okiku. Okiku spun to face the tavern, and noticed instantly the sounds of fighting coming from inside. Something was happening, and whatever it was, he had to stop it. Forgetting instantly about the gnome behind him, Okiku ran for the door into the courtyard, drawing his greatsword, and brought his foot up to it's rotten wood frame.

It caved in and he dove into the fray.

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
6:33 pm - Brook aint to watery

Tentatively, Brok reached her hand out and firmly grasped his in turn
"its nice to meet you"
She drew her hand back quickly, knowing all to well a touch could mean a curse or even a poison. She gave the horses as way of explination.
"i don't think you would want horse sweat on your hands"
She turned back to her work, rubbing down the forlocks and picking the hooves, the current horse very happy to comply. She smiled as it nickered to be clean, happy.
"aren't you a peppy gelding?"
she coooed softly

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
5:11 pm

Brook walked in, her hood drawn up, looking around in what, if you could see, was distaste. She talked quietly to the inn keeper, nodded, then walked quietly away. Everyone who saw her thought she was merely a hag, with her short hight and the 'hump' on her back. So she recieved no greif. She went back to the stables, feeling safer there then in the inn itself. SHe took off her cloak, it being slightly warmer in the stables with horse bodies, and went to work to brushing them, as form of payment for her staying there that night.

"hi my pretty's" she said cheerfully as the horses nickered as she approach, already had cast befriend animal on any of the stubborn ones.

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4:01 pm - Setting the scene

Okiku shifted uneasily in the dimly lit tavern, his hand never moving from the black greatsword strapped onto his back. All around him the lowest scum of Baldur's Gate drank, whored, and plotted murders and other things not talked about out of the shadows. Despite the fact that only a few years before he would have killed or arrested every single one of them, he now sat among them, and even saw a few smiling faces in the crowd, people he knew, people he used.

"'A smile in this city could hide a knife.'" He quietly recited an old saying he had learned while staying in the slums, and how true it was. He only had five or six gold coins in his pocket, barely enough to buy a good drink or board in an inn, but every thief in the room would have killed him without thinking to take it from him. This was the most impoverished area on the Sword Coast, and it showed it quite well.

"Okiku! Want another one on the house?" Freid, the bald, toothless bartender of the tavern, which had no name, offered. He noticed that his cup was drained, but he shook his head and returned his attention to odd, grinding music coming from the men in rags that sat in the corner.
We start our RPG in Baldur's Gate, south of Waterdeep, a central hub of traffic between Amn and the famed city in the north.

Feel free to continue this story.

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3:24 pm - ooc

Full Character Name: Elizabeth Brook Suzikani
Race: gnome celestial
Alignment:good neutral

hair: light brown
eyes: emerald green
complexion: tan
skirt: off white
belt: leather
boots and bracers : brown leather with off white fur trim
Deity:(i forget)
Equipment:bracers, dual elbow blades(since i don't have the dual weapons feat, i'll just have one up as a shield, which all druids are proficient with, until i can get the feat), a messenger style sack of holding, a ring of protection, moon ivy armor, and a fox animal companion

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12:21 pm - OOC: My character

Full Character Name: Okiku James Sukikuwa
Race: Death-Touched
Class: Anarch
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'5
Weight: 180 pounds
Description: Okiku Sukikuwa is a tall, pale man, clothed in black, with oddly sharp canines. He has violet eyes and pitch black hair. Originally a Paladin of Lathander, he now hides amongst the many buildings of Baldur's Gate, a source of Anarchy in a city where much unrest lies. Although not evil, he does what he pleases, whether it hurts or helps someone, but inside still holds on to his old ideals of valor.
Deity: None
1 Greatsword
1 Leather Armor
1 Black Clothes
5 Cold Coins

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